“Brent I can't thank you enough for such magnificent rifles you have built for me and my sons. From the awesome craftsmanship of the rifles, to the detailed custom loads you have built for each rifle, we are now confident long range shooter/ killers. I highly recommend Western Precision Rifles to all my friends and those looking for a top notch rifle.”

- Dr. Brent Curtis

Long Range Shooting School

Few things make us more happy than to hear the success stories from the customers of our precision long range rifles.

We also understand that success in the field is more than just having a fine tuned rifle. Many people believe that with the right rifle its easy to dial it in and make long range shots. Unfortunately there is a lot more to it than that.

To help with this we are offering a very affordable long range shooting school once per month. This two day (weekend) course is designed to give you the confidence and ability to take long distance shots even in tough situations.

“If anyone else is considering taking this class I can tell you that you will receive quality instruction from a very proficient and professional staff.” – Mike Dirilo

Western Precision Rifles Shooting SchoolThis is a hands-on course given by our high qualified staff. We only allow ten students per class so that we can give everyone there the personalized attention they need.

Here are just some of the subjects covered in this course:

  • Shooting mechanics
  • Getting to know your equipment
  • Understanding ballistics
  • Proper zeroing and truing techniques
  • How to read and adjust to atmospheric conditions

The price for this 2 day course is only $1,000.

Extensive shooting experience is not necessary. We do however expect each student to be familiar with and practice basic firearm handling skills. Gun safety is taken very seriously.

For more information or to sign up for our next shooting school, contact us below. Spots fill up fast, reserve your spot today.

Our next class is soon to be announced.