“The accuracy, quality and dependability of Western Precision Rifles is superior to any other rifle that I have ever shot or hunted with. They're the best I've ever seen.”

- Tom Ward

About Western Precision Rifles

Western Precision RiflesChoosing a rifle is almost as important as choosing a spouse

Picking out a long range hunting rifle is definitely a long term decision. Your rifle can make or break your hunt and where you buy your rifle isn’t a decision you should take lightly. When looking to buy a hunting rifle there are certain questions you should ask the gunsmith to make sure you are getting a rifle that you will be happy with for a long time.

Will my rifle be made by more than one person?

Assembly lines might make a quality car but your rifle needs to be made by one and only one gunsmith. Our rifles are crafted from start to finish by one person. We take personal pride in the rifles we create. Our best business asset is making quality rifles that you will be proud of.

Will my rifle actually be tested at a shooting range?

Each and every rifle we make is taken to the shooting range to ensure its accuracy. We usually take it to the range multiple times. We will not stop fine tuning your rifle until it can shoot a group of less than one inch at 440 yards (a quarter of a mile).

Will my rifle be tested at ranges I might shoot at?

You need to make sure your rifle can shoot at the distances you might use it at. If your rifle is only tested to 300 or 400 yards then how can you confidently take a shot at an animal at 700 or 800 yards? We test each and every rifle (and its load) out to 1000 yards. You can take your rifle home knowing that it has already been tested at a very long range.

Will my rifle have a custom load built that is specific for it?

Once we finish making your rifle our work then moves to the reloading bench. It’s important to understand that no two rifles are the same and there is an optimal load for each rifle. We take your rifle and run it through our tried and true system and find the perfect load. We feel that this step is absolutely necessary for a long range hunting rifle.

We couldn’t find a gunsmith that could answer these questions to our satisfaction so we started studying on how to make our own. After years of schooling and tweaking and experimenting we have built a system based on constant improvement to ensure our ability to make some of the top rifles you will ever shoot. We demand the same level of precision for your rifle that we do from our own personal rifles. We do most of our hunting in Arizona and Mexico where long range shots are the norm. Our rifles have made kills at well over 1000 yards.

There is one downside to a owning a rifle made by Western Precision Rifle however…You’ll have to think of another excuse if you do miss, because it won’t be your rifle’s fault!