Long Range Shooting Course – Student Review


We just finished our first long range shooting course. We had a good time and a great first group of students. One of the students was kind enough to leave a great in depth review of the course.

His name is Mike Dirlio and here is what he said about the course.

Just finished up the Long Range Shooting Class this past weekend. So I guess I’ll post a little, ‘After Action Review’ or a ‘Review of the Class.’ A little about where my prospective is coming from; 53 year old, new hunter and long range shooter.

In the past I’ve gone to training put on by the military, civilian, and different government entities. I did not have a custom rifle just a stock browning X-bolt in the 300WSM flavor and a pretty decent scope so nothing fancy. Prior to the class I have never met or heard of Western Precision Rifles. I found them during an internet search on precision rifles. The class was given by Brent, Roger, and Ladd.

OK, now the class. The first day started with a power point presentation and I know that most who have attended any training in the past that had a power point presentation know the expression “Death by Power Point.”

That was not the case here. Ladd was the lead during the presentation and not once did he read the slide to us. I personally hate to be read to. Gave that up when I was about 4 years old.

Ladd did not have to read the slides, he is that familiar with the subject matter. I asked several questions. Some of them were probably kind of goofey but Ladd was able to explain everything in layman’s terms that a newbie could understand.

Questions were encouraged throughout the presentation. Brent and Roger also gave input during the presentation. This presentation was not full of mindless minutia but actually contained what I think should be in a long range shooting class.

I won’t go into the exact content if you would like to know exact content of the power point get a hold of Brent and his crew. After the power point they made sure that there were no questions and then we had a short lunch break.

After lunch we went to the range to zero our rifles. This is where I really saw the type of guys Brent has on his crew.

I was having issues zeroing my rifle. Without missing a beat Ladd came over and had a little 1 on 1 coaching at the same time the other instructors were with the other students. Ladd spent as much time with me as needed to get me zeroed. At no time was there this, hurry up that’s close enough. Ladd made sure that I was satisfied with my zero. (Kind of wish I had a muzzle brake that day.)

After the rifles were zeroed we trued the trajectories. What’s that you ask? Go to the class and have it explained and you’ll say, “Well that makes sense.” That was it for the first day.

The second day we went out into the field and shot at varying ranges and elevations with varying wind conditions. The farthest I shot that day was ~1200 yards. One of the other students with a dedicated long range rifle (built by Western Precision Rifles) shot accurately way farther than that.

The day ended when we the students were done. We could stay out and shoot as much and as long as we wanted.

Overall this was a great class, I have never heard of Western Precision Rifles prior to this class. I kind of took a chance paying my money and just showing up. If anyone else is considering taking this class I can tell you that you will receive quality instruction from a very proficient and professional staff.

After taking the class I’m more confident in my ability to make the longer shots. Am I an expert now? No way, but I think I’m on the right track to improvement and I know if I have any questions or issues, I can always get hold of Brent and his crew.

And when the time comes and I’m ready for a custom rifle, I know where I’m going.

If anyone is considering taking a class in long range shooting I highly recommend the Western Precision Rifles crew. If anyone has any questions just message me.

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