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Hunting Rifles
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Western Precision Rifles

7 tips to make you deadly accurate
you only get one shot make it count

Quality Custom Long Range Hunting Rifles

Quality doesn't come from an assembly line. Your rifle is made from start to finish by one master gunsmith.

1/4 MOA Accuracy

We don’t stop fine tuning your shooting system until it will shoot 1/4 MOA.

Optimal Loads

We build a custom load that is specific for your rifle. These loads are tested out to 1000 yards. Your rifle is ready for long range shots.

You can have 99 problems
but your rifle won’t be one of them

We make rifles that are designed to be reliable. Our
rifles have been field tested in thousands and thousands of hunts and we have
the mounts to prove it. - see the rifles


“"About 3 years ago I had never shot a rifle or any gun for that matter. However, I loved being outdoors and met a group of hunting buddies and so the journey began. I had purchased a Sako 300 win with a fluted barrel which was a fantastic gun, but it kicked like a mule. I contacted Brent at Western Precision Rifles who was very professional and down to earth along with his crew. They put a muzzle brake on the rifle, adjusted the trigger pull, and worked up a custom load for me. Two words- Deadly Accurate! They spent some time with me at the range dialing in the gun, and giving me some shooting advise (who goes out of their way and does that now?). On my first trip out shooting long distance myself and 3 friends were all able to hit a about a 1 foot target at 1100 yards (again, I am very much a “beginner”). I will never take any of my rifles anywhere else but Western Precision Rifles as these guys do top quality work, are honest, friendly, and take the time to ensure they have a happy customer! They are also avid outdoorsman themselves and put that passion into the work they do for others!
My friend recently purchased one of their custom built rifles and I made the mistake of shooting it. I say mistake because now I REALLY want one and am saving up! I loved my Sako and the work they did on that, but their custom rifles take it to an entire new level!!! All I can say is get your hands on one and try it yourself… I’m sure you’ll be saving up as well.

Thanks Wester Precision Rifles for making me and my rifle a better shooter!”

- Evan Stubbart - Gilbert AZ